Package Options for Above-Ground pools

We’ll gladly custom design a maintenance package to fit your schedule and budget.

Chemical Package Includes:

Chlorine Pool

  • 25lbs Stabilized Jumbo
  • 5lbs Ph Up
  • 25lbs Total Alkalinity
  • 10—1lb Shimmer ‘n Shock Bags
  • 25lbs D.E.

Salt Pool

  • 11—40lb Salt Bags
  • 10lbs Total Alkalinity
  • 10lbs Ph Up
  • 25lbs D.E.
  • 4—1lb Shimmer ‘n Shock Bags

Additional services available upon request

  • Initial Vacuum (up to 1 hour)
  • Chemical Delivery
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Additional Vacuum Time
  • Salt Cell Cleaning
  • Opening & Closing Services